What is Jenkins and How Does It Work?

Continuous integration will be paused and therefore requires some developer attention. 1.Jenkins is a powerful CI application that allows continues integration and continues delivery of projects. https://globalcloudteam.com/ Developers know the test result of every commit made in the source code on the run. After testing, Jenkins generates a feedback and then notifies the developers about the build and test results.

jenkins development

It is also a project under the guidance of the CD Foundation. Its architecture, technology and pipeline language are completely different from Jenkins. Jenkins X is designed for Kubernetes and uses it in its own implementation. Other cloud native technology that Jenkins X uses are Helm and Tekton. The need for Jenkins becomes especially acute when deploying to a microservices architecture. Since one of the goals of microservices is to frequently update applications and services, the ability to do so cannot be bounded by release bandwidth.

Deploy Helm charts with Jenkins CI/CD in Red Hat OpenShift 4

Use IP Whitelisting and a SAML based user management plugin. For long term stability perform regular updates and manage plugins actively. Shameless pitch- If this isn’t something you want to undertake, our Services like the Managed Jenkins Service and Jenkins Support can accelerate your adoption. In addition, Servana is an Official Cloudbees Partner for EMEA, enabling you to access more services from the Cloudbees Inc.

jenkins development

When running Jenkins on your local machine, you need to enable local access. When you run Selenium tests with Jenkins, you may run them every time your programme changes and deploy the product to a new environment if the tests pass. Jenkins allows you to schedule your tests to run at a certain time.


The word “continuous integration” or “continuous deployment” refers to the fact that this is an ongoing operation. Jenkins operates using pipelines made up of a suite of steps. The Jenkins server takes these steps to perform the required jobs of the CI/CD process. A plain text file called Jenkinsfile (defined by a domain-specific language ) contains the necessary instructions (declared in JSON-like syntax) required to run the Jenkins pipeline. When the Jenkins server reads the Jenkinsfile and executes its instructions, it pushes the code from the committed source code to the production runtime down the pipeline. Jenkins is the most widely adopted solution for continuous delivery, thanks to its extensibility and a vibrant, active community.

Jenkins is an open-source CI/CD server that helps automate software development and DevOps processes. If the build is successful, then Jenkins will deploy the source into the test server and notifies the deployment team. By Edureka, what is jenkins a trusted online learning company with a network of more than 250,000 satisfied learners spread across the globe. You only need to commit changes to the source code and Jenkins will automate the rest of the process for you.

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To understand the main Action class and what it’s purpose is, let’s first understand the jelly files. You will notice there is a static inner class in your main class named DescriptorImpl. This class is basically used for handling the configuration of your Plugin. When you click on the “Configure” link on Jenkins it basically calls this method and loads the configured data.

  • Lack of federation can also lead to a proliferation of independent Jenkins servers that are difficult to manage across a large enterprise.
  • On April 20, 2016, version 2 was released with the Pipeline plugin enabled by default.
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  • They have provided exceptional service thus far during the numerous projects I have contracted them for, and I continue to work with them.
  • For companies already using Jenkins, making the leap to GitOps using a Jenkinsfile is much easier than starting from scratch.

If a plugin does not exist, you can code it and share it with the community. I’ve shown examples where we specified a Docker container as the agent for a pipeline and where we ran Jenkins and Blue Ocean in a Docker container. Docker containers are very useful in a Jenkins environment for improving speed, scalability, and consistency. IDGThe Manage Jenkins page allows you to do up to 18 different things, including the option to open a command-line interface.

Deploy a Node.js application using a Jenkinsfile

It also runs on the Oracle JRE or OpenJDK and requires a Java 8 virtual machine or higher. Jenkins is often executed as a Java servlet within a Jetty application server, and other Java application servers, such as Apache Tomcat, can be used to run it. Continuous integrations regularly break due to some small setting changes.

jenkins development

This definition only describes the upstream open source project. There’s a good probability that one of the many commits made by the development team will include a bug. It’s much simpler to catch these issues early on using CI than in the old days of manual testing. A build is a process through which all the source code is combined into a single executable. If this build is green, the tested and executed code is ready for deployment. If the problem persists, the team will have to start over and fix it.

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Continuous Integration improves overall process and software quality in an agile software development environment. In Figure 3, the job is configured to poll the source code repository every 15 minutes. The important thing to note about the deployment process is that all the instructions relevant to running a job under Jenkins are defined in the Jenkinsfile. If you ever need to change any deployment instructions, you don’t need to fiddle around with the Jenkins UI. All you need to do is alter the Jenkinsfile. Isolating this work to the Jenkinsfile makes it easier to manage and audit changes to the deployment process. The instructions for the release stage are a bit more complicated.

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